Filtration In Process

Water Treatment is a yearly competition held with Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge. Each year, a different scenario is sent out with the rules and regulations that we must follow. The scenario incorporates a need for a water filter in real life events. Different constituents are added to 10 gallons of water and then our team must get the final effluent water as close to the regulations set forth in the rules as possible. This includes getting the effluent into a certain range of pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine residual, and volume of water. During the competition we construct our filter as fast as possible, add the chemicals needed, and run the water through the filter. We are also judged on a presentation, poster, and final report. It is a great way to see how water treatment can be used in everyday life and understand the basics of how water is treated before coming out of your taps.